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Caja Laboral VS Khimky



-12/Home Team

Caja Laboral VS Khimky match analysis

Caja Laboral is tonight in MUST WIN situation, they must win this game otherwise to them this EL season is over. After a great start and two wins, nobody expect this situation, they lost next five matches in a row. For a weekend, in their ACB league, they were beaten against Cajasol and there has been embracing time to get serious. Khimky, at the other hand, except Lengford, is average team, Planinic was injured in the game for the weekend and his performance is questionable tonight. He is a very important player in Scariolo's rotation, Planinic is in good shape and perhaps the second best player after Lengford. The first match Khimky decide in their favor with four points difference, they set up their slow rhythm with great defence and won that game, but tonight Spaniards have to play fast basketball, which were playing at the start of the season, with plenty of points from transition. Teletovic is the most responsible for poor form and this bad results in my opinion, he is shooting very bad from the field although he is the most important player in their attacking play. The supporters will come in big number because this is a very important match, I think that Caja's victory is not questionable but here I am taking a handicap of -12 points for the simple reason that I think that if they started to score and have a good shooting night they will demolishe the Russian team.
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