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Philadelphia 76ers VS Boston Celtics


US United States


Boston (-1.5)

Philadelphia 76ers VS Boston Celtics match analysis

Boston have one of the best starting fives in the competition and it shows in the 1st quarters. They are the second best team (after Lakers) in the 1st quarter margin - they win by an average of 5 points. On the other hand, Philadelphia are in the middle of that table. Boston do not have any injury concerns in the first five and they are coming off a great first quarter from yesterday. Yes, they may become tired later on and Philadelphia can catch them. But they know that, so I guess they will try to get a solid lead early on and then rest their key players until the last quarter and half or so. They definitely have the worse starting five from these two teams, so I cannot see them making much progress early on. Boston Celtics have been shaky this year, that is for sure. However, they usually play great basketball early on and that is confirmed by all possible statistics. I expect a tight battle in the end, but a pretty straightforward one early on. The handicap seems like a good play then. Good luck.
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