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Portland Trail Blazers VS Orlando Magic


US United States


Orlando (-0.5)

Portland Trail Blazers VS Orlando Magic match analysis

Here is a very interesting fact. The Trail Blazers suck big time in the third quarter - against any given opponent. I do not know why, but the statistics are clear. Meanwhile, Orlando are coming of a shaky streak because of their illness problems. That should be cleared up by now and the squad should be ready. Their team is better than the Trail Blazers, but Portland can definitely fight well, especially since they have found some kind of form lately. Portland are one of the worst teams when coming off the break - in fact, they lose that quarter by 2.5 points on average - and by 11 in their last three games. Orlando will want to start winning again in this game and they should be up for it whatever quarter it is, so I think that this bet is huge value. So huge that I am willing to risk full stakes this time (hopefully it goes better than the last time, when the Suns could have definitely played much better than they have). Orlando is simply better in every department and this 3rd quarter trend should continue here. Good luck.
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