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Stockport VS Crewe




Stockport VS Crewe match analysis

Stockport is fourth from bottom,is the team with the second worst home performances, teh worst home defence (21 goals scored against) and the second worst defense in league (36 goals scored against). To this we must add that for this match Stockport is without three of his four most used defenders, Lynch (21atts.), Williams ( 15atts+2) and Swailes (14atts.). Stockport is one of the teams that had financial troubles this summer, and for this reason the were forced to make a transfer market poor in quantity and quality. So this explain their poor performances, but with these absences at the back i see for them a very hard match. And thsi in spite of teh fact that also Crewe Alexandra has its own problems. For the guests Ada (def. 21atts.) and Martin (def. no atts.) are out, Mitchel-King (def. 5atts+5) is doubtful and def Hussey just arrived on loan to cover absences in defence is already out injuried without playing a match. Crewe has out alsomidfielder Bell (21atts. 2goals), that will be substitute by Shelley at hsi debut with the team. But, i continue to see Crewe as the winner in this match. The table shows a great difference among these two teams, with Crewe ninth in general table and seventh for performances away from home, so they will able to cover their problems in the best possible way
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