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Milwaukee Bucks VS Houston Rockets


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Milwaukee Bucks VS Houston Rockets match analysis

Tough luck for me in the last couple of days after a good start to the month, but in NBA, you get these bad runs. Anyway, there is a hugely underrated team in this match and I think there is a good value in this. First of all, this team is completely different from the team at the beginning of the season.They have forgotten about Ming and Brooks and they just started to win games again. And win against good teams with good margins. Now, they are facing the Milwaukee Bucks and if you look at the past, they have simply dominated the match-up. And look at the Bucks right now. A narrow win against Indiana and a good one against Orlando. Well, I neither of them was a good performance in my opinion. Their win against Orlando is an obvious fluke as any team would have won that match too. And against Pacers, they were still very average - low percentages everywhere. Today, the are facing a team that is motivated to get back to where it should be and the Bucks are the perfect opponent. This is a 50/50 match for me.
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