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Minnesota Timberwolves VS Detroit Pistons


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under 102,5

Minnesota Timberwolves VS Detroit Pistons match analysis

Although the Minnesota team have a fantastic Kevin Love and Beasly I think that this game will be difficult to Minnesota to play against the Pistons. The limit on the number of their points is extremely large, they would have to go over 100 and the Pistons lately that didn't allow much stronger teams. Both of these teams are in bad form, they are 2-8 in the last 10 matches, but it should be noted that the Pistons last 4 visits have not received such a large number of points although had extremely tough opponents. Miami with LBJ, Wade and Bosh gave them 97, Orlando, which is also a lot of strong 90, Hornets 93 and "crazy" Houston 97. It definitely means that Piston's defense finishes its job properly. And at the end there is a tradition which says that the last 7 years, Minnesota at home didn't broke this margine against the Pistons. In some games they have scored just over 80 and I believe that the Pistons will find a way to stop one of the two main players, Love and Beasley. t’s been nearly a month since the Pistons won away from home and I would not be surprised that tonight take this one.
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