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Czech Republic VS Switzerland





Czech Republic VS Switzerland match analysis

Value bet for me in this one. Switzerland had a tough match with Sweden and they were playing until the very last minute just to have their heart broken in a narrow loss. They will feel the effects and they had much less time to recover from the match than the team from the Czech Republic. They knew that their chances against Finland are poor, but they went for it and opened up after losing the lead, which led to a couple of goals in the end, but they knew that was coming and went for it. Today, I expect them to be the better team - they have one of the best (maybe the best) goalkeepers in the world and if the offense raises the game a little bit, they can win this easily. They had more time to recover, both physically and mentally, from their game yesterday and they will be desperate to get the bronze medal, which was the goal for the all along the way. The chance is definitely there and the odds are too high to ignore. They will be getting stronger and stronger as the match progresses and if they hold together at the beginning, they will gradually overpower the Swiss. Good luck.
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