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Alessandria VS Bassano Virtus



IT Italy



Alessandria VS Bassano Virtus match analysis

Both teams in middle table (in this group many teams are in space of few points, so among playout and playoff there are only five points). Apart home advantage (Alessandria lost only one time at home and has the second best home defense with some other teams), Alessandria is full team, while Bassano has out midfielders Mateos (13 atts 1goal) and Iocolano (6 atts.) and important striker La Grotteria (12 atts. 2 goals). Add to these absences, at least half of players suffered flu during the week, so many of them are at least without a good training and not fully fit. No problems for Alessandria, undefeated (also if with only one win) in last five matches. Two teams with - more or less - same performances, but Bassano hasn't a strong rooster, they are lucky in many occasions, winning also two of their five matches won against Pergocrema and Reggiana, two of the worst teams in league. For this match the key should be the impossibility for this team to find adequate replacements for players absent and ill (or just after ill), so will not play a team in teh best conditions
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