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Triestina VS Torino



IT Italy



Triestina VS Torino match analysis

Well, Torino are obviously the better team here, so I like them to win. That is not the main reason for this pick, however. The fact is, Triestina are in a very bad spot and there were no signs of improvement lately. The manager has announced that he will probably try to integrate a solid number of younger player. Also, he wants to rotate the squad a lot in order to see what improvement can that bring. Obviously, that might be successful in the long run. However, they are definitely going to struggle in the first few games - they are not used to playing together in regular game tempo and Torino will punish that. They have a lot of motivation, as they are very much in the running for the play-offs, but they need to take full points off teams like Triestina. In this spot, I expect them to do that pretty comfortably, especially if the manager changes at least some players. They will be defending from the start, while Torino will be hungry for the win and should prevail eventually. Good luck.
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