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Brandon Roy under 20,5

Memphis Grizzlies VS Portland Trail Blazers match analysis

Brandon Roy definitely is not ok with health and there was some suspicion that perhaps miss this match but he said he is ready to play. Last spring he tore the meniscus in his right knee, and last month he experienced painful swelling and discomfort in the left knee, Which was operated on in April 2008. This season has already missed about 3 games since this problem. Once again is definitely something wrong with him and that says his numbers which are considerably dropping as for scored popints as for his game. What are all world experts noted is that he no longer plays through the wall but over the wall. This means that he avoids going direct to the rim, now he stops and shots. In last three games he had only 6 free throwattempts(all against Suns), against Spurs and Magic he had not either one which is ubeliavable On Sunday against the Spurs had a horrible night, has missed 12 of 16 shots and once again felt pain in his knee. Roy's statement: "I tweaked my knee a little early in the game, and it was little sore going on from there," You know, I still got some looks, but did not really have the explosiveness. it's very possible that Blazers decide that Roy is not playing tonight, but if he play I think that this line is crazy because it's over his average this season (17,7 per game) and we see that Roy avoid duels in the game.
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