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Memphis Grizzlies VS Portland Trail Blazers



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Brandon Roy under 19.5

Memphis Grizzlies VS Portland Trail Blazers match analysis

Roy is excellent player one of my favorites. He isnt too big for shooting guard but he is very intelligent and last season he was one of the best players in nba but this season he struggle with injury of knee. Last season he scoring 21.5 ppg with 47.3% field goals and this season he's averages in 21 games - 17.7 points per game, 41.0% field goals. Last three games he scoring home vs. Orlando 9 points (4/12), way vs. Phoenix 26 (10/19) and last game in San Antonio 9 (4/16). Today Brandon will play against Memphis who isn't some good defensive team but Portland play away, and margin 19.5 is 2 points over his average this season. One of the biggest reason why i play this pick is his injuries of knee. In last game, in sunday vs. San Antonio he tweaked his knee but he say that he is going to play tonight. Today if Porland wonna win Aldridge i Mathews must have great game because except Roy they only can score 20+ points. Im not sure that he gonna play tonight but if he gonna play big chances is for under 20, maybe under 10 points.I play this pick with bigger stake
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