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Monta Ellis over 25

Golden State Warriors VS Minnesota Timberwolves match analysis

Monta Ellis is very good player who has last two seasons some problems with injuries but now he is healty. He is maybe undersized for shooting guard but he is very explosive. He start season very good, after first 10 games he was nba scoring leader. Last four games he was under scoring vs. Dallas 18 (7/17 fg), vs. San Antonio 19 (7/24), vs. Miami 20 points (8/18) and last game tonight vs. Utah 16 points (7/16). This season in 24 games Monta scoring 24.0 points per game with very good 47.1 % fg. Warriors add this season Lee (last season best Knicks) and they now have big trio Ellis, Lee and Curry but they doesn't have quality on bench and that's the reason why they aren't playoff team. Stephen Curry is still injured and he wont play tonight, he scoring this season 20.1 points per game and spending 15.3 shoots per game. Last game vs. Utah i was sure that Monta must making more shoots because somebody of guard must score 20+ points, tonight i will play again over because is the same reason plus Warriors plays home tonight vs. Minnesotta and tonight could be a lot points
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