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New Jersey Nets VS Philadelphia 76ers match analysis

Philadelphia are turning into a streaking team at the moment and they have dominated the match-up in the past by solid margins, so I cannot see any reason why that should change today. If they stop Brook Lopez, it should be pretty easy for them to win the match. And they certainly have a solid defense that should be able to do just that. They have the better line-up and are playing with better form and perhaps even more motivation, since they are finally hitting their stride and turning their poor start around. They were a little bit unlucky to lose against what is probably one of the best teams in the NBA right now, Boston Celtics. However, they certainly learned they have the potential to compete with anyone and the Nets are one of the rather average teams in the competition. They have not beaten anyone solid lately and are going the other direction than the Philadelphia 76ers are. Under the current conditions, I have to pick the 76ers in their quest of turning the season record around and proving their worth. The moneyline odds are very solid indeed.
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