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Detroit Pistons VS Atlanta Hawks



US United States


Under 95.5

Detroit Pistons VS Atlanta Hawks match analysis

This match should be slow and without any tempo at all. History also suggest Atlanta is poor in scoring against Detroit. The Pistons will be defending for their lives and that should prove to be the key to the match for them. The Hawks are not very impressive lately and while they crossed this line quite comfortably in some of their matches, their opponents were not as defensively minded as the Detroit Pistons will be here. The line for the over/under is also set very much in expectation of a low-scoring and slow tempo match. Furthermore, the Detroit Pistons have to use the "total defense" strategy if they want to even just think about a victory here. They cannot outscore Hawks in fast offensive game, so this is their only option and I think they are pretty much aware of that. In their last 5 matches, the Hawks were really awful in the scoring department (and that was with a relatively solid shooting percentage) and I think this may well continue here, especially when visiting a team that always performs well at home. Good luck.
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