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Tarmo VS Topo match analysis

Hometeam: Position:12th(last) Overall stats:19games 2wins/17losses pts/game avg:77.5-89.6 Homestats:9games 1win/8losses pts/game avg:75.7-88.2 Latest form:last 5games 1win/4losses -Tarmo has been awful whole season so far and nothing has change in the team that could help them to win games,ok they has won against poor Vilpas and Lrnmky but totally they have been very poor.Is not sure that could Their playmaker Jarkko Kyllönen play tonight because of injures(25.34min/game,17games 6.2pts/game and 2.2rbs/game).Their newest player Sami Marouf has now played 3games with stats:13.52min/games,6.7pts+0.7rbs/game. Awayteam: Position:7th Overall stats:19games 10wins/9losses pts/game avg:80.0-80.3 Awaystats:9games 1win/8losses pts/game avg:75.6-86.9 Latest form:last 5games 4wins/1loss -Topo is one of teams that go surely in play-offs also this season,but has started their season quite bad...especially at away(1/8).Their Finnish national center Hanno Möttölä is stil injured,but their new American player LaVell Blanchard(19pts+7.5rbs/game) has been good in his first 2games and i think its coming work better when he has played more games with his team. Summary: -Tarmo(my local team) is doomed to relegated or at least must get qualification games end of the regular season.They just not have enough quality of players to this league.Topo get new American player week ago and they are even stronger than earlier.Topo have bad awaystats,but if they can play half as they play at home they win this game at least 10pts. GL!
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