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Lausanne VS Palermo




Lausanne VS Palermo match analysis

Both teams will play for nothing, but Lausanne should be more interested to win this match. Apart consideration of home factor (Lausanna is without wins in group, but Palermo lost both two previous away matches, money prize should be really interesting specialy for a little club that plays in Chalenge League. And this is a really good opportunity to gain their first win in EL: Palermo will go in Switzerland seriously weakened. Infact for Italian team it is probable a great turnover. Already remained in Italy Pastore (midf. 16atts 7 goals topscorer) and Goian (def. 7atts) both banned, injuried Migliaccio (midf. 15atts.), Hernandez (striker 8atts.) and Darmian (def. 2 atts.), Bacinovic and Ilicic (both cup tied) but also for technical choice striker Pinilla (8atts +4 5 goals). In add to this, also the regulars with the team probably rest to present themseves in teh best conditions for important match in weekend. So, probably will start as regualr second keeper Benussi tonight (first start of season), in defence Garcia, Gilk and Goian (only the last with 3 atts. as regualr), in midfield will return Liverani (only two matches as reg this year), with wo usual reserves, jasami and Rigoni. With the team there are also four youngsters that should play some minutes also. So, seems a very experimental team that will fight in not usual conditions for them ( in swiss weather is cold -5 degrees, in Palermo also in december temperatures are rarely under zero ) against a team that ill play for pride (and money) at home and that seems wil have no big changes respect usual strating eleven. For these reason i see home team favourite here
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