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Partizan PMB VS Asseco Prokom



Over 10.5

Partizan PMB VS Asseco Prokom match analysis

Jawai scored total 85 points in 8 games (10.6 per game) and his number of points seemed to be related with the opponent. I have really small sample here, as Partizan has two games against three teams, but in those three this logic worked well and Jawai was really consistent. If you look at two games against Zalgiris he scored 6 points in first and 9 points in second game. If you take a look games against Khymky he scored 15 points in first game and 16 points in second game, and he struggle against Makabi: 4 points in first and 7 in second game. On one side Jawai looks very incosistent, as he scored average 15.5 against Khymky and only 5.5 against Macabi, but if you look at games against same opponent he looked very consistent. I will continue with this logic as Jawai was did great job in first game, as he scored 15 points.This is very important game for Partizan, just as for Prokom, and the atmosphere in Pionir will be a factor (as usual). Partizan usually starts important games with first few attacks on their centers, so Jawai could do score a couple times on the start, and he should definitely beat this margin.
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