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New York Knicks VS Boston Celtics


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Amare Stoudemire under 27.5

New York Knicks VS Boston Celtics match analysis

Amare Stoudemire is good very explosive player who play great in coach D'Antony system of basketball. In that system Stoudemire who is naturaly power forward,play on pozition of center, and in team is a lot a good shooters like Gallinari, or players who like play basketball with fast transition like swingman Chandler and pg Felton. Last D'Antony club was Pheonix 'seven seconds' Suns, where he lead them with Amare and he know best him. For me Knicks isn't some outstanding team and i don't like when somebody call Amare one of the best players in nba but last ten games Knicks and Stoudemire plays great, they have 9 or 10 win in a row and Amare scoring 30+ points in every game. Last season he scoring 23.1 points per game and this year 26.2 ppg. Last three games he scoring 34 36 and 30 points. Tonight i believe that is the end of this big series, because Boston is outstanding team with a lot experienced players, good coach and they play great defense. Last Bostons game, in saturday Boston leave Charlotte home in only 62 points. Garnet tonight will guard him and Shaq is coming back after injury sow Stoudemire will much harder coming to the rim. Little bigger stake on this
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