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Memphis Grizzlies VS Charlotte Bobcats


US United States


Rudy Gay Under 21,5

Memphis Grizzlies VS Charlotte Bobcats match analysis

I watched last night Charlotte's match against Toronto on which games we always see a bunch of points. But in Charlotte case, they struggled in offence last night and It seems that they don't know how to play... all their matches have value for the unders. The last two seasons at the games in Memphis, Memphis is scored just over 80 points against Bobcats and for Charlotte nothing has been changed this season and it is very possible to see something similar tonight. Rudy Gay is on average of 21 points and because that we have this margine tonight. However, the Charlotte defends the paint very, very good, counterattacs almost they don't allow at all and beacuse all of this I think that Gay will remain in the under tonight. Portland plays similar basketball like bobcats and the Gay they recently scored 16 points against them and there will be somewhere tonight also with Charlotte. 20,5 is very big in my opinion. In his career against Charlotte Gay has played eight games with an average of 15,1 points per match which made me even more encouraged to take this bet.
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