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Lille VS AA Gent




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Lille VS AA Gent match analysis

In this last day of Europa League group phase, Lille is the third placed with five points and Gent is the second placed with seven points. This means that if Lille wins this game, they will be qualified to the next stage. Any other result will qualify the Belgium team of Gent. It will be like a final for the hosts. But Gent is making a poor away European season, despite their second place. Two defeats in two games and eight goals conceded. Lille at home has all the arguments to defeat them, and motivation will be high on the hosts. But why a team like Lille has to wait to the final game to get qualified? Lille is being concentrate on Ligue 1 and on the other European games, they never played with their main team. They were saving players to the "Championnat". And we can't criticize this measure: they are the leaders of French Ligue and they arrive to this last Europa League game depending on them, at home, against a accessible team. Today they will play with all their strength to get the passport and i won't be admired if they won by more than one goal.
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