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Anderlecht VS Hajduk Split


-1.5/Home Team

Anderlecht VS Hajduk Split match analysis

Anderlecht in this match has a big motive for the difference of Hajduk. In fact, without their victory nothing is matter, but if they win, with the good result from Salonika, could even pass to the next round. Probably they still fells the pain after defeat in Split in the 94th minute of the game and I'm sure that will do anything to win this match. They are better, there is no doubt, playing at home which is another advantage and ultimately only the victory in this match leaves them in life. Anderlecht is the strongest and the biggest team in Belgium, an champion team who has already experienced defeat against teams from Blakan.. after they were released from Partizan in Champions League after penalties. Now, they would not repeat such a mistake and I believe that many things want to solve as soon as possible. About Hajduk have nothing much to talk, they lost all matches away very easily and Anderlecht in this group is probably the best host and I predict that Hajduk will be defeated in handicap.
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