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Denver Nuggets VS San Antonio Spurs


US United States


under 213,5

Denver Nuggets VS San Antonio Spurs match analysis

Derby of Western Conference, where we have a match between the Spurs and Nuggets. The situation with Carmelo is still not clear, although he denies that he wants to play for the Knicks, but certainly the situation in the locker room is not exactly the best. San Antonio play beautiful basketball, Popovic is a master of the bench to lead the team properly for years and they can be very difficult rival for everyone in the play-off. What I noticed is that these teams last season, played four matches and all four were gone below this limit which is now again set very high. Then I looked a little deeper and noticed an absolutely incredible thing and that is that these teams have not broked this line ever. In fact only once was over , but after over time, under normal circumstances in the last 57 matches they played under!!!! After this there is nothing more to say, maybe just that Billups will not play tonight who can score ta lot of points( he is third scoreer in the team) which means that it is another thing to take this bet with maximum stake.
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