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New Jersey Nets VS Washington Wizards



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Gilbert Arenas over 17.5

New Jersey Nets VS Washington Wizards match analysis

Gilbert Arenas before 3 4 years was one of the top nba players. He has outstanding shoot and he is great scorer but last 2 years he has a lot problems like injuries and problems with a law. Six or seven months ago he has gun in locker room and put on teammate head and he was convicted on bail and earn a league suspension. In his house police find 200 guns. This year Wizzards grab on draft (1. pick) new young star John Wall who play on Arenas position and Arenas go to the bench. Last year he scoring 22.6 points per game, and this 17.2 ppg with only 39% fg. Today will play two teams who gotta 5 defeats in last 5 games. Washington two starters has problems with injuries, John Wall and Andray Blatche, they have status 'day to day' but is 80 90 % that they wont play tonight. If they wont play i expect that trio Hinrich,Arenas and Young lead them tonight. New Jersey hasn't some outstanding defenders sow i will play this pick even if Wall play today. Arenas last five games score 14, 23, 19, 20, and last game vs. Lakers 11 points (1/7 for 3point) sow i expect today little better shooting night.
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