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Ok, I will be staying with minor sports until the tennis season rolls around. Cricket has been quite kind to me and I feel this is a good pick. If you compare the performances of the two men at the crease at the moment - Strauss and Cook, you will notice a lot of differences. Strauss has not done well in the first tests and while this is another day, I fancy Cook to be be more impressive than Strauss. He certainly has been the better batsman of the two so far and looked more comfortable in the first few overs (the only part I have seen from the match so far to be honest). Therefore, if you add these observations to their performances that we have seen so far, this seems like a very good bet in all honesty. Unless Cook gets some kind of an awkward delivery from the Aussies early on and makes a mistake, he should be able to stay on the field for some solid time to come. Strauss just cracks a little bit early under pressure and with the wicket favoring the bowlers a little bit, I cannot see him making as much impact as Cook.
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