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Denver Nuggets VS San Antonio Spurs match analysis

Well, you know that every streak has to end, but I think that the Spurs can pull it off at least one more time and this match is 60/40 for me, not 50/50. They have a slight edge in basically every department and I feel that Denver is a little bit overrated here. Their win against Orlando was good, but I think the Spurs will be prepared for Carmelo Anthony in a better way than the Magic were. He is now also surrounded by many trade rumors, which cannot be a good sign, as he will have that on his mind. Both teams had a good amount of rest, which I feel is more important for the Spurs, as they had time to recover from that very close game against Milwaukee and gain some confidence again. Their coach is really putting the team nicely together and he will prepare them for the Nuggets, that is for sure. Were it not for the last games these two teams played, the line would be set a little bit more for the Spurs, but I think both of these games are a little bit overrated and the fact is, the Spurs have lost just three games all season. Good luck.
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