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New York Knicks VS Miami Heat match analysis

Tonight play two teams in a top form, Knicks win in last 10 games 9 times and Heat 10 of 10. Everybody expected this for a Miami Heat but for a Knicks nobody. Before this season a lot experts said that Miami will maybe break the 14 years old records in regular seasons wins (Chicago hold this record with 72) but at start season Miami had a lot a problems, like team chemistry and injuries (Miller and Haslem) but they have a team building before game at Dallas and then they start play outstanding. They didnt lose since then (10 or 11 games) and in every game they won 10+ points except last home game vs. Cleveland. They play last game very bad but in the end they won and i expect that they cant play two games sow bad in a row. Knicks lost last game vs. Boston but they played very good, Amare again score 30+ points and i believe that he will today go under 27 points. If Stoudemire score under i can't see how Knicks can win today vs. amasing Miami. Lebron and Bosh is two players who Knicks wonna singed this summer but they go in Miami, maybe they today play great game to show New York what they missing
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