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New Jersey Devils VS Nashville Predators



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New Jersey Devils VS Nashville Predators match analysis

Let me first say about the tipe of bet. This bet includes only regulation time without over time and shootout. With one work I think that Nashville will not lose today in regulation time. I am fan of the Predators and they are making me happy with every single game they playes lately. The team is with 7 wins in last 10 games (1 in OT) and have only one loss in regulation time. The team is with 8 wins and 8 loses in away games. 7 of those 8 loses are in regulation, but the last loss was after over time. On the other side NJ Devils have a lot of injured players and the team is the bad surprise of this season so far. Devils are with only 5 wins at home in 14 home games, but only 2 of them are in regulation time. This means that they have only 2 games ended in regulation time with their wins (in all other games this type of bet is winning one). I was going to play the bet on money line, but I saw that one of our player have personal problems and he will miss the game and with him the missing ones will be 5. We can deal with 3-4, but I am not sure if he is so easy replacable (he is not one of our top players, but he is an important one). Devils have won their last home game against Phoenyx with score 3:0 and a shutout made their goalie Broduer, who cames bach after injury. They are strong deffence team and it will be hard for us to win, so I will take a 0.5 asian handicap in regulation time and I think that we will not lose this game in regulation.
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