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New York Knicks VS Miami Heat



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-5.5/Away Team

New York Knicks VS Miami Heat match analysis

I don't like to bet on NBA, because I'm not expert for American leagues, however I took this game tonight.. I listen people speaking of that game the whole day so in the end I started studying that game instead of football offer. Miami made an excellent team with three reinforcements, they are now finally playing like a team and with series of victories show how strong they are. Before every game  played by Miami, there is only one question - how much will be the pointdifference of their victory.  New York Knicks are also in great shape, they defeat everyone but already against strong rival, such as Miami is, was shown that one man does not make a team. On that match they lost, a little bit unfortunately, and that will cause psycological fall. Stoudemire is in incredible shape, already on nine games in a row he had the efficiency of over 30 points and now, it is only matter of days when he will fail and then, the whole team will have worse result. Miami has very good defense and their victories are based on that, and tonight they will leave Knicks with small number of points, I suppose, not more than 80 while Miami will . score more than 90. Miami is so much better at this moment that handicap of -5.5 underestimating them and that why I take this pick with big stake.
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