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Wes Newton VS Darin Young




Wes Newton VS Darin Young match analysis

Wes Newton is a great player, but not in front of huge crowds and television cameras. People often expect great things for him when the majors roll around, but for some reason, he is not able to deliver despite the fact that he already had a lot of experience in that kind of tournaments. On the other hand, Darin Young does not have a problem with that. However, he stays in America a lot during the year and that does not allow him to compete in all the tournaments he wants to. Some weeks ago, he went to England for the PDC World Cup and he has shown great form. The fact that the Americans could not go far was mainly down to his partner, who was rather average and dragged Young down. In a regular, small tournament, this would be all Newton's. However, until he shows he can make an impact in the majors, it is always a good time to oppose him. The fact that this is a rather short format will not help him a bit, as he will not have time to settle in. He is a favorite, but not such a huge one.
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