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Cleveland Cavaliers VS New York Knicks


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2 (-5.5)

Cleveland Cavaliers VS New York Knicks match analysis

New York have played a hell of game yesterday and they batteled with the powerful Miami to the bitter end. They were out of condition in that high pace game in the second half and were outscored in the second and third quarter. Galinari was magnificent as well as the other suporting staff but Amare played a little out of form, he stoped on 24. Tonight they face opoponents that are the poorest team in the league and dont have an hope for this season. As we all know New York Knicerbackers are the best away team and can always snatch a win. They are still in good form and will continue their momentum not regarding yesterdays loss. Stoudemaire can play good in this game because his direct guard Varejao and second option Hickson are just not in form. On other positions Felton will have little problems with guarding Mo Williams but I think that D'Antoni will put reserve guard Tony. NY have an average of 108 points per game and Cleveland surpased this number only once this season. Comfortable win for NY.
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