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Milwaukee Bucks VS Utah Jazz match analysis

Utah hasn't got any injured players and that list for Milwakee Bucks includes: Jennings, Salmons, Delfino, Redd. Except for Redd all other are with recent injuries and only Jennings is probable for this game. You can see that all the small positions in MIlwakee are injured so that oppens space for D-Will to penetrate in the paint. On the other hand you have healthy Bogut but I think that Utah are just to good in defending the paint with Kirilenko, MIlsap and Jefferson. They have lost yesterday to NO with a margin of 30 points but that was just a bad night for the team. I think that they will bounce back right here and take one win from the 4 games road trip and start a new winning serie. On other positions I think that Milsap will be the decision maker agains Ilyasova. If he plays great in this geam than i beulieve that utah have great chances of winning. Milwakee are in solid form but they will miss their PG and SG position for this match. If Utah Jazz wants to make the playoffs she needs to win this type of games.
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