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San Antonio Spurs VS Memphis Grizzlies



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over 197,5

San Antonio Spurs VS Memphis Grizzlies match analysis

San Antonio Spurs play basketball much more quickly this season, of course, automaticly with many more points. There is no doubt that they will continue a serie of victories tonight. Ginobili is back on a very high level, Parker is great, Duncan does the work enough and in the rotation are still plenty of players who can contribute, score and keeps the fast rhytm of the game. Memphis disappointed last night in Houston, this is their back to back match and the problem is greater because Rudy Gay is suspended for tonight's game because kicking Luis Scola. It will be much easier for Spurs so we can see a more relaxed game with a lot of points. Their previous meetings is one more reason to believe that they will broke this limit, at San Antonio they have played five overs from last five matches. Memphis certainly knows to give a hard work to Spurs and I believe it will be much more effective in today's match since yesterday reached a umberassing 87 points. Today, if Memphis score couple of points more than yesterday, with logical victory for Spurs, over points in San Antonio must through.
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