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Bari VS Palermo


IT Italy


Over 2.5

Bari VS Palermo match analysis

Many times i said about the many absences in Bari. For this round returns in centre of defence regular Belmonte (def. 11atts+1), but the most important return are regular strikers Barreto (12atts 4goals) and Kutuzov (8atts 1 goal). The question is that for Bari remain many important absences, overall in defence and midfield. Complete list of players out is:Gillet (regualr goalkeeper), Ghezzal (striker 9atts), S. Masiello (def. 6 atts), Castillo (striker 2atts+5 1goal), Almiron (midf. 10atts+3), Galasso (midf. 3atts), Parisi (def. 13atts 1 goal). Situation is improved if we see last weeks, but the loss of regular keeper Gillet is hard to replace. Infact between the sticks will be Padelli, no atts. this season, only one last season. For Palermo it is interesting for my bet that in last six championship matches they have five over 2,5, plus 2-2 against Sparta Praga in EL. Midweek match il EL against Losanna has no influence because they played with many reserves just to be ready for this match. About absences, Palermo has second topscorer Pinilla (striker 12atts 5goals) out, but Palermo in total scored 28 goals till now in championship, so i think not a big problem this for my bet Both teams have interest to win: Palermo rested regulars in EL because for them this match has great importance, Bari is last in table, so their only interest is attack to win. Palermo lately shown a tendecy to matches with many goals and Bari recovers two strong attackers, but at the same time is light in defence with a debutant keeper this year and some regualr defender out, so there are sufficient reasons to see many goals in this match
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