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Catania VS Brescia



IT Italy


Under 2.25

Catania VS Brescia match analysis

Both teams near relegation zone, Catania has 18 points, Brescia 15 and is fourth from the bottom. Brescia won last week at home against Sampdoria, showing a little improvent, but away is weak with a balance of 1-1-6 4/12. On the other front Catania is traditionally quite strong at home. This year they lost only one time, but in last six matches they have only two wins, one against weak Bari. And for this match home team has a lot of absences. Are out: Terlizzi (def. 7atts+1 2goals), Kosicky (2nd keeper), Mascara (striker 14atts 1goal), Biagianti (midf. 13atts), Spolli (def. 7atts+1), Augustyn (def), Morimoto (striker 3atts+2 1 goal) and Martinho (midf. 4atts+1). Caracciolo (striker 14atts+1 5goals topscorer), Cordova (midf. 12atts+2 1goal), Kone (midf 8atts+6 1goal.) and Zebina (def. 10atts.). Catania is an underish team: They suffer six goals in last two matches against Cagliari and Juventus, but scored more then one time only in two matches in september and in this match they have out also two strikers. Brescia is another low scoring team (also for them more then one goal scored in two matches in september) and today they have out also their topscorer. Moreover, in a so difficult field, they should be happy with a draw
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