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Hellas Verona VS Paganese



IT Italy


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Hellas Verona VS Paganese match analysis

Both teams involved in battle to not relegate, Verona is fourth from the bottom, Paganese is last with a balance of 3-2-12 9/24. But Paganese is also the worst etam away with 9/9 matches lost and the worst away attack and defense with a balance of 3/16 This usual weakness in defense surely will be aggravated for today match cause the long journey (they must cross whole Italy from Campania to Verona) made in adverse weather conditions. Infact in these days we are seeing many teams of these group falling in away matches. Lega Pro's teams usually make their transfer by bus and in this days in which the weather are conditioning state of highways, these trips plays a negative effect on form of players. So, another trouble added to an already weak away form. About absences, for this match Paganese has a regular midfielder banned, plus another long term injuried. For Verona, only one player is banned, while the players injuried affect reserves and is probable that will be sone youngster of "Beretti" on teh bench. Home team is better then his playout position shows, and is a mystery their performances quite poor: in spite of 12 matches with only two losses, they gained only two wins. But today they have the occasion to gain a large win against a team that seems to be not competitive in this championship.
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