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Le Havre VS Nantes match analysis

This is a important game for the promotion. Despite the snow that still falls on Havre, the should be played on these conditions. Nantes is very concentrate on this game and after the last home game against Sedan, where they lost two points, they really must get points on this game. They have no excuses. Nantes should overpass the bad conditions of the field to get a positive result. Winning this game they will climb from the 7th place to the third place. The Ligue 2 is still on the first half but is important to mark his place. They must to keep close the promotion group. They lost important points against weakest teams like Istres, Angers or Sedan last Friday. They have potential to be promoted. And if they lost some important points, the fact they are only three points far from the promotion zone, it means they are a strong team and not a weak team. The former French champion is drawing too many games: eight so far. Le Havre (4th, with the same number of points of Sedan, 3th) have a similar register but they can also be proud of their 13 games unbeaten series. Le Havre had some bad luck, as if not, they would be the leader at the moment. They use to play well and score their chances. But this is like a Cup game with no favorites. Whatever will be the result, none of the two teams will be out of the promotion fight. They are close of the promotion zone. I am confident Nantes can get a positive result and continue dreaming with the return to Ligue 1. The table is very balanced and the distance between the second placed and the 8th place d is just two points. It is time to Nantes make a good result against a big team. If they play at their level they are not inferior to no one. But if they loose this game, they will start loosing the front group. The result of this game is also vital due to the effect he will produce on the investment of Nantes on the winter break.
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