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Portland Trail Blazers VS Milwaukee Bucks



US United States


-4 (Portland Trail Blazers)

Portland Trail Blazers VS Milwaukee Bucks match analysis

Portland Trail Blazers as usual have good defence. Andre Miller, Armon Johnson, Brandon Roy, Rudy Fernandez and Greg Oden do their job very well. Portland Trail Blazers has won 14 matches from 28 in this season. They won such strong teams as: Orlando Magic, Phoenix Suns, Denver Nuggets. Milwaukee Bucks can't find their game. Home matches they play well but in the same time they play auwfully when they are visitors. 2 last matches they have lost: San Antonio Spurs (92-90) and Utah Jazz (95-86). Think players need a bit rest and overcome to normal rhythm if they want to achieve result. Teams had been met in this season. That time Portland Trail Blazers got very confident win against Milwaukee Bucks. Match over with the score 90-76. These numbers shows that Portland Trail Blazers have better defence than Milwaukee Bucks. I guess 76 point is it too less to win Portland Trail Blazers, I think tonight Milwaukee Bucks wouldn't take more. I'll take spread on Portland Trail Blazers Good luck!!!
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