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Washington Wizards VS Charlotte Bobcats match analysis

Now that the Wizards rid of Arenas it is quite clear that they want to build their future around Wall and that's just fine. Arenas played totally listless those matches that I watched in the last month and it looks like he a;ready knew it would be something like this happen. Wizards had Miami in the pocket in the last match and they lost an incredible way with one point difference even they had a lead absolutely in the whole match. This showed that they can play good basketball and I hope they will now beat Charlotte who play terribly bad and slow. Wizards are expected to be stronger tonight for Rashard Lewis, who came in trade from Magic and I think taht they will not have a better chance than this to stop the negative range, which has already climbed to number 7. But on the other hand, Bobcats continue to stumble on all sides and in the capital of the USA they are coming with 8 consecutive defeat on away games. While the Wizards faced with some good things in the team( they have for tonight Blatche, Young, Josh Howard, Hinrich, and now Lewis) Charoltte will be without Gerald Wallace tonight and came up info that might not play the first offensive option Stephen Jackson. If is this true, with DJ Augustin and Diaw as attacking options,Wizards simply must destroy them. The only problem for this bet is tradition, Charlotte won in 9 of 10 matches against Washington, but Charlotte is so bad at the moment, so if Jackson and Wallace don't play tonight, it would be really disgusting to see another victory for Bobcats.
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