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Boston Bruins VS Anaheim Ducks



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1 Goal

Boston Bruins VS Anaheim Ducks match analysis

After they discontinued a series of three defeats in a row, winning against Washington (3:2), Bruins will met very awkward opponent, Anaheim Ducks. I like Bruins but I do not like that Anaheim Ducks are next opponent, after the winning return, because Ducks might slap Bruins and return them back to a previous state. In their previous games against each other Anaheim Ducks won four times, Boston Bruins only twice and four games ended draw within 60 minutes. As for goals in those games, five of them had one scored goal in the first period, two were with 2 goals, one with four goals and two games without scored goals in the first part. Playing at  home Bruins were not very aggressive at the start of the game, quite the opposite of their games on road. In previous ten rounds they play five games at home, and won four of them - 2:0, 1:0, 1:0 and 3:0, while one game ended without goals in the first period. They scored three goals in the first period against Washington Capitals, the team that play very offensively. 2:0 was against also offensively team, Tampa Bay. Anaheim Ducks had even five results 1:0 in the first period in the last ten rounds. One game ended without goals in the first period and even four with three goals. Tonight both teams have good goalies, especially Boston Bruins, and the first period could be without goals or with only one. Odds for No Goals is nice, @4.5, but I will rather take exactly one goal, as common as Bruins win in the first part of the game. I hope they win the first period 1:0 and save or increase that advantage to the end of the game.
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