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Miami Heat VS Dallas Mavericks match analysis

Miami is 10-0, Dallas is 9-1 in the last 10 matches and certainly it is a derby this evening. These teams have already met this season in Dallas and Maveriscs has been shown how should be play a team basketball, and they team won match easily 106-95. However, Miami is much better from than, play a little better but I was confused with this handicap because I thought it would be less. Dallas has otherwise won the last 4 appearances in Miami, 4 years in a row and that promise if nothing else an uncertain match. Nowitzki is having a great season, Bosh will hardly manage to keep him and it;s pretty sure that Mavs has a better point guard because they have Kidd in starting line up and Terry from the bench that brings a passionate energy. Dallas has also won 19 of 21 overall against Miami and 14 of 15 since the Heat took Wade. Dallas also claimed nine of ten in Miami in previous years. In almost every match Dallas shows team game, always have 5-6 players with double digit of points and I think that although they lost this match it not will be with a big difference.
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