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San Jose Sharks VS Edmonton Oilers


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San Jose Sharks VS Edmonton Oilers match analysis

This is the third of four meetings between the teams for the season. The first two were played in Edmonton and San Jose Sharks have won both games in regulation time. The team of Edmonton Oilers have ended on the last place in NHL last season, but this season they are playing better. They are still not one of the top teams and they are not fighting for playoffs, but they are better team than the last season. They have 6 wins in 15 away games, but the interesting thing is that they have 3 wins in last 3 away games of the team. It is time for their streak to end. The team of San Jose Sharks when play at home usually are beating their opponents with a lot of goals. I saw some games of the team at home ant they really played great and really do not let their opponents to play very much and that is why reasonally they have won the game with many goals. The team is not as good as they were last season, but I think that they are gitting in shape and they must win tonight to give a Christmas present of their home fans. Last season they have won both games here with two or more goals and I do not see a reason this to not happen tonight. My prediction for a home win with two or more goals.
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