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Buffalo Sabres VS Anaheim Ducks



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-1.5/Home Team

Buffalo Sabres VS Anaheim Ducks match analysis

This is the only meeting between the teams for the season. The surprising thing is that Anaheim Ducks are with 4 wins in a row so far in the last few seasons over the team of Buffalo Sabers. In my opinion the Sabers are very good team at home and it is not normal this season for them to have 7 wins in 17 home games and only 5 of them in regulation time. The team have won 4 of their last 5 home games and they have won 3 of them with two or more goals. One of the strong sides of the team is really good deffence. Sabers are with 5 wins and 5 loses in last 10 games and 4 of those 5 are in regulation time. Anaheim Ducks have really surprised me with the 3:0 win last night in Boston. Their goalie Hiller have stoped 45 shots on his goal and made a shutout. Tonight he may miss the game and this will not be good for his team. He is a good goalie, but he will be tired from last night, because the game was very tough. Anaheim Ducks usually do not play very good in their away games and it is time for them to lose tonight. Sabers are more rested team and they will be fresher tonight. And also it is time for winning streak of Anaheim over Sabers to stop and Buffalo to win with a lot goals like they haven't done this since 2004.
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