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Universidad L.P. VS Badajoz



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-1/Home Team

Universidad L.P. VS Badajoz match analysis

Universidad Las Palmas is fourth in his group of Segunda B (the first), but second as home performances with 7-1-1 16/5 (second best home attack). Today they receive Badajoz, 12th in table (of 20 teams), medium team away (2-3-4 6/11), but with last four matches lost and great problems of absences for this match. Infact they have only 11 players available, two of them keepers and three young players of "cantera". The most important missings for them are Toni Vela (midf. 2atts.), Cardoso (def. 7atts.), Viyuela (midf. 13atts+2 3goals) and Álex Herrera (Midf. 5atts+9), all injuried; Sandro (midf. 11atts+5), banned; Etamané (striker 10atts+6 2goals) and Martín Díaz (def. 3 as sub) already on Christmas holydays respectively in Cameroon and Uruguay. Segunda B is the third division in Spain footbal and usually home factor has a great importance. So, team in downtrend and with a delepted rooster that will play away against second best home team in group: this should be another great loss fro Badajoz.
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