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Atlanta Hawks VS Cleveland Cavaliers


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Atlanta Hawks VS Cleveland Cavaliers match analysis

Cleveland are in very poor form and have won only one of the last twelve games and Altanta end a two game home stand with this one and will like to extend their home streak to 8 straight wins after this one and I think that they will do that in style because they had one big win two nights ago over Orlando and they have concored them with eleven points margine so they have the positive momentum and they will need a big win tonight to have the same positive momentum when they face the roadtrip. Both of Atlanta's Crafords are injured but I think that that will not make a big difference as they have healthy Joe Johnson, Smith, Horford and Williams. Cleveland are not plagued with injuries either but the best individual of theirs has a 15 points per game and in NBA team you cant allow that if you want to be a playoff contender. Cleveland are nobody without LeBron James and they will be runned over tonight in Atlanta. My tip is also home team for overs and Horford and Marvin Williams for overs to.
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