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New Orleans Hornets VS New Jersey Nets match analysis

And tonight I'm going the opposite trends of the NBA. I chose the Nets and Hornets game in over which at first sight seems like really mission imposible, but there are several reasons to believe that they can break this, however, a low limit. The Nets get Vujacic, a very good scorer who can really "open" and improve their game in attack. The Nets have until now been based on Harris and Lopez, their miniatures or pick and roll, but now opponents must pay attention to the fiance of Maria Sharapova who could kill anyone if they allow him open shots. Hornets on unhappy way lost the last 2 games, the Pacers got them in the last sceond and that are the most painful defeats. the best way for team to wake up would be a good game against the Nets. For me Hornets really bad games is a big queation (not results), they tortured them selves in every match but they have excellent players, especially the genius Chris Paul. Both teams have a quick point guards that can keep pace, Farmar also as a back up from the bench can act as a fly without a head, so I do not think that he will slow down the tempo, it remains only to scorers to hit and make the open shots that will be provided by this extraordinary playmakers. Tradition says that in the last 5 matches in New Orleans, there was 4 over. The limit is really low for NBA standards so I hope that it will be broken
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