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San Antonio Spurs VS Denver Nuggets

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San Antonio Spurs VS Denver Nuggets match analysis

After the news that Denver will play tonight without Carmelo Anthony, automatically pulled my thinking about the number of points for Denver. Otherwise, these two teams have played recently in Denver and in real thriller match was won by San Antonio. Today I expect the Spurs win again but with a much smaller number of points. Spurs are currently, beside Dallas, in the best shape in the whole league and must be taken seriously. All games that were close at the end Spurs have won. Popovic leads them really from the bench, although I do not have too much respect for him. Denver for me is a terrible team which I never liked. However, for some reason, Denver in last meetings in San antonio almost always beat them so I gave up from the Spurs victory. than I noticed that these two teams in San Antonio have played too many unders that it would be just a coincidence. Here are their last 10 matches in San Antonio although a number is longer San Antonio Denver 89:103 San Antonio Denver 99:106 San Antonio Denver 81:91 San Antonio Denver 107:103 San Antonio Denver 102:91 San Antonio Denver 93:78 San Antonio Denver 97:88 San Antonio Denver 89:95 San Antonio Denver 77:100 San Antonio Denver 95:80 As we see they never broke today's limit so I hope that they will not even today.
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