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San Antonio Spurs VS Denver Nuggets match analysis

Carmelo Anthony will miss tonight's game in San Antonio because of a death in his family. It is very important spot for this pick. Carmelo Anthony scored 31 points in the previous game between San Antonio Spurs and Denver Nuggets, played in Denver five days ago. Spurs won that game, 113:112 and it is probably main reason for bookmaker to set that high point's margin for away team and overall results in the game. However, other bookmakers offer significantly lower margin - 102.5, and I do not know why Bwin has that position. Maybee because Denver scored over 110 points in the previous 5 games in a row, but opponents were Toronto Raptors, Orlando, New York and Minnesota. One of them was San Antonio, too, but then Carmelo Anthony played and scored 31 points for Nuggets. I do not see other player who can replace him with those points. Spurs are very strong team, doubtless a favorite in this game. They allowed over 109 points at home only two times - yesterday against Phoenix Suns (110) and against Houston in the fifth round. Also, in their previous 57 mutual games Denver scored over 109 points only two times - 112 five days ago, and 115 five years ago (after OT).  I think tonight's margin is too high.
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