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Sacramento Kings VS Milwaukee Bucks


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Sacramento Kings VS Milwaukee Bucks match analysis

Tonight I'm going again against the NBA trends. Bucks surprised the entire world by winning against the Lakers at Staples Center and already today they expected a new game against yet another team from California. Although these teams are very low scorers, it is interesting that when playing each other always had a lot of points. Here are the matches played in Sacramento Sacramento Milwaukee 108:114 Sacramento Milwaukee 122:129 Sacramento Milwaukee 96:93 Sacramento Milwaukee 114:106 Sacramento Milwaukee 103:82 Sacramento Milwaukee 88:79 Sacramento Milwaukee 101:112 Sacramento Milwaukee 102:93 Sacramento Milwaukee 115:101 Sacramento Milwaukee 101:107 Sacramento Milwaukee 108:95 These are all meetings of these teams in this century and as we can see in all the matches, except for one, came over to this limit. Sacramento at home can score a lot, in their last 5 home games are always broke this margin and for 3 times they went over 100, Dallas, Wizards and Warriors. Bucks are without Jennings who is their first playmaker, but it is evident that even without him they can play and score, to the Lakers who are the world champions on their own ground scored nearly 100 points. By NBA standards, this limit is extremely low, especially since it comes from the West team that plays at home, throughout history has always passed, so I'll try it today.
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