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Phoenix Suns VS Miami Heat



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Under 209

Phoenix Suns VS Miami Heat match analysis

I think that in this game will not see many points, although the limits are not set high due to style of Suns's game. However, some players would not play tonight, Carter will certainly not play until for Wade will know before the start of a match. Miami showed this season that knows how to put a good defense and for Suns this will be the first match after trade. Although they have a brilliant Nash I think they still need some time to get to order. We have seen that Orlando is struggling with the same problem and we shall see how Suns will biheve. I think that the presence of Gortat will much improve defensive play of Phoenix because he can definitely disrupt Bosh, Ilgauskas because he is agile center that will enable them to get out for the open shots at these two often do. If Wade doesn't play tonight it will be a serious kick for Miami because for guarding Le Bron they have "enough people" Pietrus, Hill, Childress, Dudley, but he will still reach his game.. Wade is a key for this match. Miami has a good defense, allowing only 0.1 points more than the Celtics who are the synonym for it and also allows to the opponents the smallest average shot for 3 in the entire league and the Suns in this segment based their game. There are plenty of reasons for under but with NBA you never know, though this all sounds logical to me ... new Suns, their first game with this roster, the possible absence of Wade, a new player for the Suns under the rim. I'll try this bet and hope that will pass.
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