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Sibir Novosibirsk VS HC Amur



-1.5/Home Team

Sibir Novosibirsk VS HC Amur match analysis

Sibir from Novosibirsk is much better team than Amur from Khabarovsk, it is an open and shut case. Khabarovsk won 34, Novosibirsk 65 points, it is almost double. However, the difference in quality is more apparent when we compare performances of Novosibirsk and Khabarovsk at home and away from home. Novosibirsk won 37 points at home, Khabarovsk only 8 points away from home. It is almost five times better performance. In such a balance of power, this handicap of -1.5 looks like easy obstacle course. Also, current shape is on home team side. They won six games in the last ten rounds, while Khabarovsk won only three - two at home. Two days ago, Novosibirsk won 5:3 in Novokuzneck, Khabarovsk lost 0:4 in Omsk. This season they have already played three games against each other and Novosibirsk won all three - two away from home (5:2 and 3:2) and one at home (4:1). So, I cannot imagine an other result than victory of home team, and bearing in mind all above, it should be a convincing victory.
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